Portrait Montage Series

Portrait Montage Series

Artist Statement 1999

For this series, I am creating figures using a computer by combining elements of people from various photographs; my work is rooted in drawing, however. Each image represents a single figure against a subtly textured, almost continuous tone background. They are black-and-white and printed as photographs.

The inspiration for my Composite Portrait Series is rooted in my daily practice of meditation. This intensity of experience comes through when viewing these montages. The simple background focuses our attention on the isolated figures, encouraging the viewer to get to know them. The black-and-white presentation reinforces the presence of each character’s self.

An interesting characteristic of the series is how unimportant each individual figural element becomes. While each work has a dominant gender, both male and female figures are present in each work. Also, I usually end up using a mix of nationalities in each work. As such, they are individual and universal.

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