Heartbeat Ideas, Boy Scout, Agency Ad

Client: Heartbeat Ideas; print ad for agency.
Categories: Advertising, Compositing.

Clean neck.
Remove pockets from shirt.
Add contrast, shape, texture and a slightly more neutral tone to shirt and sash for drama, as well as help patches pop.
Composite wallpaper background behind Boy Scout to scale per supplied comp.

Rotate image slightly to viewer’s left for drama.
Rotate tie slightly to viewer’s right, to center around Heartbeat Ideas logo.
Blur and darken new background and add shadow behind figure per photographic perspective.
Recreate tie clasp in Photoshop with new design from Illustrator.

Recreate Illustrator patches in Photoshop with authentic dimensional threading and drop shadows.
Harmonize and adjust colors for patches as directed.
Darken and fade to black behind type.

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