Figure/Landscape Series

Figure/Landscape Series

Artist Statement 2001

Through manipulating elements from various photographs using a computer, I arrive at digital montages in between drawing, painting, and photography. The work here is printed on acid-free watercolor paper using archival pigmented inks.

For my Figure/Landscape Series, I weave together images of Native Americans and American landscapes to explore this relationship.

The work here grows out of the spiritual concept of oneness. Just as a drop of water longs to merge with the ocean, the soul desires to return to its source. We experience this oneness through the process of meditation. Similarly, we are not on the landscape. It is not only an environment wrapped around us. We are in it; we are of the same fabric.

Mountain forms complete portraits for the first works in the series. Next, heads weave together vertically creating twisting totem forms. The series progresses into landscape collages woven with enlarged figural elements. Some of these forms are more figural, others earthen. For both, the figure merges with the landscape to form one fabric.

The works become increasingly abstract. Simplified compositions reveal harmony and meaning. For example, repetition of the wave pattern shows up throughout the series.

The hypnotic quality of these compositions refer to the inner primal experience of light and sound.

In short, with these works I strive to reach the universal through the personal.

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