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The Potomac Review

Kliger and Bonello Featured at Saville Gallery
March, 2002

For the Potomac Review

From March 7 through April 13, the Allegany Arts Council’s Saville gallery will feature artwork by Washington, DC artist David Kliger and Pennsylvania artist Kurt Bonello.

Using the computer as an artistic tool, David Kliger manipulates elements from various photographs to create “digital montages” that transgress and blur the boundaries between traditional drawing, painting and photography. The work that will be on display in the Saville Gallery is part of a series that focuses primarily on images of Native Americans interwoven with their landscapes. “Some of these are more figural, others earthen,” explains Kliger. “Some simplified and reductive, others complex and textural. Throughout, a hypnotic quality is evoked as the figure merges with the landscape to form one fabric.”

Kurt Bonello is a sculptor. Iron, steel, stone and found objects are the materials he uses to capture and express his perceptions of today’s psychological and social phenomena.“With these materials, I provide new meaning and use to objects that have become obsolete and unwanted,” says Bonello. “Our junkyards hold the decaying remains of great achievements. In manufacturing, transportation, and farming—extensions of ourselves which have been cast aside. When I combine these remains,
they again become lifelike. they become humanoid. they become caricatures of Man in today’s world. They speak. these technological artifacts now inspire me and serve as a forceful medium for expressing my perceptions of modern Man, the family, and facets of our culture and society.”

Everyone is invited for light refreshments and the opportunity to meet the artists at the Opening Reception for this exhibition on Saturday, March 9, from 6-8 p.m. The Saville Gallery is located at 52 Baltimore street in downtown Cumberland. For more information, please call the Allegany Arts Council at 301-777-ARTS.