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Seasoned Retoucher
I am excited about contributing my 17 years of high-end creative retouching, which includes retail, ad agencies, prepress, corporate, photographers and editorial.

My strengths include complex compositing, high-end retouching, harmonious and accurate lighting adjustments and special effects.
My background combines the precision of prepress with corporate and ad agency direct account relationships. Shown are assignments from Lord & Taylor, Mercedes-Benz, and Bandujo Advertising + Design.

Recent Assignments
I maintain a freelance retouching relationship with Lord & Taylor for high-end fashion print catalog and direct mail imagery. I perform e-commerce fashion retouching for View Imaging, as well.

I receive steady work from several advertising agencies, as follows: Edelman Digital, for Samsung phones; Bandujo Advertising + Design; for health care assignments, and TBWA World Health.

I regularly perform the following responsibilities: complex compositing; high-end skin perfection, all on-figure refinements; product still-life perfection; sensitive and accurate color correction for both skin tones and merchandise.

I enjoy pushing my skills and doing all I can to make all my current clients the best they can be.